Should I Season

Seasoning your beef or chicken or any other meat is a hot topic and common question. So let us help you to becoming a flavour master.

When it comes to seasoning your beef, think simple. You don't need all those whiskey flavoured rubs or weired wonderful sounding rubs. All you need is salt and pepper.

Recipe -
All you need is Smoked Paprika, Salt, Pepper, Season All, Garlic Salt and a touch of Rosemary. Mix and smash together in your rock or stone Morter and Pestle. Don't add oil because you want this to be a dry mix. Rub on your beef and let sit for few minutes to 30minutes, encouraging time to stick to your cut. Season all sides and crevices of your cut. No need to add garlic. Just immediately before your place on bbq, drizzle with olive oil and we mean drizzle not violently as though your trying to win a competition on wetting your beef. Enjoy! 

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