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Rental Vacate BBQ Clean Package

This package is ideal for people renting a property and need to ensure the properties inbuilt BBQ is operational for use for next tenant and to satisfy landlord in Bond return. 

What We Provide In This Package

- Clean and Scrub BBQ Grills
- Clean and Scrub BBQ Hot Plates
- Clean all exterior BBQ parts
- Clean main BBQ body and interior chambers
- Clean all BBQ knobbs and bezels
- Clean BBQ cabinets and doors (if includes)
- Clean BBQ gas fittings including hoses
- Restore BBQ exterior with shine and sparkle clean
- Light BBQ and prepare BBQ with oil to protect against rust
- Provide written detailed report for Landlord or Realestate agent via email includes receipts.
- Provide written report to Tenant via email with receipts.

Important Terms and Conditions Applicable - Click Here

Please Ensure
Our team must have close access to your properties water and power. We must also be able to clean your BBQ with space to permit a workable area. We are unable to clean BBQs on multi level appartment balconies due to insufficient drainage requirements.

However we clean the mess we make in making your BBQ look sexy!

This is not a guarantee you will receive your Bond back from landlord or Bond Administrator, this is confirmation to your landlord that the BBQ has been professionally cleaned and sanitized, to satisfy BBQ has been cleaned. This is not a report to any third parties or landlords or the alike for anything other than a BBQ clean.

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