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We don't use harmful chemicals that destroy our ecology and marine biology. Chemicals we use are safe on our environment and to people. 100% Food Safe and recognised as a Green product with GECA carrying the Eco label authoritive tick and seal for Sustainability and Environmentaly Certified.

Yes, we leave the area we are working in the same as we arrived. We clean up after ourselves on every job.

Yes, we cover south of the river and also north to the hills. But please contact us to ensure your area is in our map of services.

If there is Light surface rust, yes we will clean this. However some parts even with our experience we cannot bring back to life and that includes wear and tear or neglect where rust has been present for quite some time and is showing signs of stress, wear and tear and metal breakdown.

Yes, we don't give you unrealistic time frames expecting customers to wait the entire day. BBQ Chief will provide a window for you to eliminate you waiting around so you can can continue with your day with no hassles.

We are unable to repairs bbqs as we specialise in cleaning not carrying out repairs. We are not authorised electrical repairers.

If we have to unscrew components of the door to get to the internal glass, NO we are unable to clean internal glass. The outer glass on the oven door will be cleaned along with door body. If your oven door is a modern oven and glass is easily removed by clips, we will be able assist.

We cannot remove doors from old Ovens due to high risk of damaging springs n coils or components arms. We will only remove a door if its a modern oven and can be removed easily. Please note, we will not be responsible for any damages removing or refitting door. Most cases, we work around this situation.

Yes, we have comprehensive insurance covering us for Legal Liability.

Offcourse, all team members wearing our uniform are Police cleared including everyone working in the business.

No, for good reason aswell. With balconies there is no means to control drainage of escaping water. If we where to clean, it would be impossible to contain the water from running down the balcony ledge and onto other properties walls and or balcony below. It becomes too much of a mess and you wont be popular with your neighbours either. Plus we have a duty of care to eliminate this occurring.

We ask customers to keep animals inside whilst we complete our services and attend. Dogs especially tend to stir up when our machines are running. If you are not present, all animals must be restrained and or left inside. It is not our responsibility to tie up animals or restrain them. If we arrive and animals are not restrained and considered high risk we will not carry out services and full payment will be charged.

No, we specialise in cleaning services of bbqs and ovens. We are not appliance repairers.

Yes, if you would like to recommend our services, we will reward you with a discount off any future booking. New customer must make a booking and complete payment.

Once aluminum foil is baked onto enamel, unfortuntaley you wont remove with any chemical that wont strip the enamel. You will need a new oven. We learnt the hard way.

We guarantee we clean your oven, bbq or range hood but beware some ovens and bbqs with excessive neglect and years of baked on burns sometimes are impossible to remove. The damage goes beyond the surface and will not be able to be removed. In this case if we do clean and cannot restore fully, full payment is still required.

For ovens with top elements which are fixed and not removable, we will not be able to provide services to due to the fact its more time consuming for our team and we are unable to pass on this charge to be competitive.

We encourage owners and or people to be present whilst we carry out our services to protect all parties. However we understand sometimes this is not possible with Rental, Commercial Properties and or Residential services. We do not need access to the inside of your home only for power point use. Dogs and or animals must be kept inside.

Products & Services

Yes, if you need to reschedule your order and allow us 24hrs, we will not deduct a deposit of $50. However due to other bookings we will need to reallocate your booking which BBQ Chief can assist you with.

Yes, business as normal. However if we cannot clean your bbq under cover and the weather is torrential or unsafe, we will reschedule your booking to another time, satisfying both parties.

Run your idea through BBQ Chief and we will provide a quotation if we can assist.

Finer Print and Notices

We are BBQ and Oven cleaning specialists. We are not full restoration services. We clean leaving your oven or bbq clean from general baked on food and oils. Some neglection or severe baked on fats which can be impossible to remove cannot be removed by BBQ Chief. Most stains and carbon deposits can be removed, but some simply can't.

No, we do not replace any rusted components including grills, plates, racks. We do our best to remove surface rust, but cannot guarantee all removal of rust. And BBQ Chief will not be liable due to any damage caused by rust removal. Rust is a sign of corrosion!

If any item including grill rack, knobbs, fittings, plates or any other parts are rusted its the customers responsibility to infom BBQ Chief. If during our process parts are damaged due to wear and tear of rusted components, BBQ Chief will not be liable for its damage. If body components, trolley components or any other areas are in same state, we will work around the area. If we identify areas of concern, we will inform you before we commence our clean.

If your gas bottle has seen better days and its condition has deteriorated and severe rust is present, its not BBQ Chiefs responsibility to remove from the bbq. In this occasion we will work around the object and this will be the responsibility of the owner to see to.

If we attend and we provide a cleaning service but unable to clean your oven, bbq or range hood to a high clean standard, its because the item carries excessive baked on burns and stains that chemicals simply wont remove. Our team will not scrub excessively due to risk of damaging item. In this case, our agreed service charge will still be charged in its full entirety.

Payment Information

We process payments online using Shopify Secured Merchant Payment Gateway. Paypal is also accepted along with Afterpay. If you wish to pay for our services on the day, we also accept cash and can process your bank account card using our mobile payment service processed by Square Payments.

Yes, we accept Afterpay to make our services more reachable and to enjoy. No minimum order.

Yes, BBQ Chief accepts Visa and Mastercard on transactions through Shopify Merchant Gateway and Paypal.

Yes, we accept bank transfer. However this is made through our quoted pathway and not through merchant services. Please contact us here

Yes, you can pay on the day for our cleaning services. Either by cash or Square Pay portable payment services. However we must receive a deposit before attending of $50 and we do not provide change. Please have correct payment.


No it's not mandatory. But it iss highly recommended. Indeed, it will allow you to find your history, edit your addresses and track your services with BBq Chief. You will also be notified of new services and or products and special events.

Absolutely not! We never have access to this information. It is the company Shopify that deals with this.


Yes, we have a Covid response plan and policies on how this can change a booking and our services. Please click here

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