Many people tend to forget how important it is to ensure a clean cooking space on your bbq and around the bbq. It's one of those areas that always is neglected and forgotten. Harmful bacteria thrives off dirty bbq scraps from the grill and the hot plate and these areas are critical to ensure your loved ones or guests not only enjoy a healthy scrumptious feed, but also the risk of salmonella is eliminated ensuring your guests stomach remains settled.

So BBQ Chief was established to promote services in bbq cleaning and to promote healthy cooking and also to prolong your aussie bbq. Because clean bbqs are sexy bbqs. Look after it and he will repay you with succulent tender meat and seafood.

BBQ Chief ramped up our branding to include areas that our competitors fail in. We wanted to make sure that not only we can provide a great bbq cleaning service but also to have fun with our customers and keep you engaged. We make sure at BBQ Chief, our customers receive the very best service.

So explore our site and services and whilst your here, check out our merchandise.

We have branded customer polos coming soon!