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We have important Terms and Conditions aimed at letting all our valuable customers know what BBQ Chief provides and what we cannot provide.

[Section 3] Terms and Conditions To All Services Provided By BBQ Chief

Our services are provided under the following terms and conditions which must be agreed and accepted by customer(s) and BBQ Chief ABN 76 470 952 618 before we provide a service.

1. If there are irremovable stains or baked on contents present on your oven, bbq or range hood and BBQ Chief are unable to remove, but has cleaned other areas to a professional state, the cost of the package purchased will still be charged with nil amendment or discount.

2. If rust other than light surface rust is present, BBQ Chief enters a risk of damaging any item from the clean, we shall state this damage on the front of this agreement under “Existing Damages”. We may also clean around the affected area without causing further damage. Since we use high pressure equipment and chemicals, if further damages do occur to the affected area or BBQ Chief expose damages hidden by stains, grime or grease, you release BBQ Chief from any claims of damages, replacement or repair costs or compensation.

3. If BBQ Chief notices or finds any damages to your property we are cleaning or providing a service to, we will note this under “Existing Damages”

4. We cannot remove fixed doors from any bbq or oven unless your model is designed where such can be easily removed. We do not remove bolts or any other fixing hardware to remove glass or panels to clean your item. This includes glass inside doors which may not be accessible to your products model.

5. If our service is disrupted by customers where we need to reattend, a re attendance fee of $100 is applicable and must be paid prior to our return. Our original service charge must also be paid before we depart.

6. We do not remove ovens from their place in the Kitchen or Alfresco. This also applies to fixed and in built bbqs.

7. We acknowledge to stay outside of any reasonable safe zone for BBQ Chief to carry out their services which can eliminate serious harm or serious injury with the equipment we use.

8. If BBQ Chief propose special conditions to your service, we will provide under Special Notes on the reverse of this page.

9. If we arrive to your premises and information provided to BBQ Chief isn’t accurate, we reserve the right to amend our qte to you and this amendment will be reflected under section Services Being Provided and you agree to new costs associated.

The Terms and Conditions above, referred to Section 3, will be provided for ALL customers to accept on day of service(s).