At BBQ Chief we take ultimate pride in our services but with everything in todays world comes the fine print. We have carefully crafted the below to ensure that all parties are informed on our services and or products. There is no room for errors or miss judegements, clean and simple direction at BBQ Chief, to ensure we do the right thing by our customers.

BBQ Chief cannot be responsible for removing flaking rust or any rust from your BBQ even if the rust removal leaves behind exposure of metal damage or corrossion. We will also not use excessive force like a well sculpted warrior to remove rusted components as this may harm or damage your property. Our team are not gas fitters or plumbers so unfortunately we cannot make changes or repairs to plumbing parts, gas lines, gas hoses or permanent fittings such as gas regulators and plumbed to home items. We can however make repairs where we will carry our recommendations to provide additional services. This will be above and beyond original call out service of a BBQ clean.


We unfortunately cannot clean BBQS that are in areas with laid travetine, granite, marble, sensitive pores rock, synthetic grass or other sensitive ground materials. Although we are legends at BBQ cleans, sometimes there are some stains we simply cannot remove due to general wear and tear, age of BBQ and neglect including exposure to elements and weather.