Why choose BBQ Chief?

Fairly simple answers to this very common question. You see its not just a beautiful name that we have or awesome website, all that we do has significant relevance to BBQ Chief and what we stand for and who we are. 

You see at BBQ Chief, we value our environment and our reputation so we make sure that we focus on yesterday, today and tomorrow!

We only source products that are non harmful to our environment and your health. Each time we clean someone's bbq or oven or other physical asset, we ensure we clean it so next time you use your item, it won't end up making you sick. The products we use also are not harmful to drains, nor our marine biology. So its safe on our ocean friends and reef populations. Did we mention its also safe for our environment. No surprises to our ecology systems and our fresh air.

Theres more!
If we present as we do online, we guarantee when our job is done, our team will leave your place the way it looked before we showed up.

We clean the mess we make ensuring a clean and tidy job. We also must be the only provider accepting Afterpay, so if your a little shy on cash, you can pay with Afterpay and place on instalments. 

Our team are very reliable. We don't expect our customers to wait all day for us to show up. BBQ Chief will give you a morning or afternoon window. If for some reason we are running late, we will give you notice. We don't make you ponder on our arrival. 

We are fully insured as a business, so you have piece of mind knowing in the very unlikely event anything happens, we and our insurer have you covered.