Everyday Residential Oven Clean


Size: Small Oven [60cm]
Sale price$140.00


This is a popular clean for everyday home owners requiring a simple but professional clean of there beloved oven.

What We Provide In This Package
[ This package is for 1 x residential oven ]

- Clean and scrub interior panels, walls, oven floor and rear of inside oven
- Clean oven side rails
- Clean oven racks
- Clean oven glass door and tracks
- Clean exterior knobbs and fittings
- Clean exterior door

Important Terms and Conditions Applicable - Click Here

Please Note
Your oven must be not uninstalled from the kitchen and be accessible to clean. We are unable to take apart your doors main frame with screws to remove glass panels. This also includes disassembly of oven fans and areas with screws and bolts.

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