Kamado Joe Systems Clean


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Kamado Joe Cooking System Clean Package

Let us clean your Kamado Joe or simalar bbq system. We will have your bbq looking great in no time. 

What We Provide In This Package

- Clean and Scrub BBQ Grill
- Clean all exterior BBQ parts
- Clean main BBQ dome body and interior vents
- Clean bbq lid / hood
- Restore BBQ exterior with shine and sparkle clean
- Clean exterior body and trolley

Important Terms and Conditions Applicable - Click Here

Please Ensure
Our team must have close access to your properties water and power. We must also be able to clean your BBQ with space to permit a workable area. We are unable to clean BBQs on multi level apartment balconies due to insufficient drainage requirements. 

*Please note this is not to purchase a bbq, this product is a bbq clean.

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