Large Smoker BBQ Clean


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This package is for all the BBQ smoker fans. As the title says, this clean is for BBQ Chief to clean your large BBQ smoker. It's for most deluxe smokers, fit for a large size smoker unit.

What We Provide In This Package

- Clean and Scrub smoker BBQ Grills
- Clean and Scrub smoker BBQ Hot Plates
- Clean all exterior BBQ parts
- Clean main smoker BBQ body and interior
- Clean all BBQ knobbs and bezels
- Clean BBQ cabinets and doors (if present)
- Clean BBQ gas fittings including hoses (if not charcoal models)
- Restore BBQ exterior with clean solution
- Spray any roasting racks or trays / grills with cooking oil to eliminate rust

Important Terms and Conditions Applicable - Click Here

Please Ensure
Our team must have close access to your properties water and power. We must also be able to clean your BBQ with space to permit a workable area. We are unable to clean BBQs on multi level apartment balconies due to insufficient drainage requirements. BBQs within an alfresco area / outside kitchen, we clean the BBQ but not the Alfresco area unless quoted. This also includes cleaning of splashbacks, commercial grease traps, range hoods and other appliances including furniture.

However we clean the mess we make in making your BBQ look sexy!

*This clean isnt for the semin commercial / large pro bbq smoker systems. Youl need to purchase the Commercial Smoker Clean here

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