Range Hood Clean


Size: Small Two Filter Range Hood
Sale price$65.00


Cleaning Range Hoods can be a monumental pain due to there position over cook tops, but not for BBQ Chief. Let us remove the hassles for you. This package also includes Alfresco Dining Range Hoods.

What We Provide In This Package
[ This package is for 1 x Residential Range Hood ]
[These product(s) are not a stand alone service and must be purchased with a Tatanka, Chief BBQ clean, Alfresco cleans or Ovens and Rangehoods cleans )

- Soak and clean range hood filters
- Clean exterior stainless steel
- Clean exterior knobbs / buttons
- Stainless Steel polish

Important Terms and Conditions Applicable - Click Here

Please Note
Your over head range hood must be installed and accessible. Does not include cleaning of the inside of chimney or inside chambers or walls due to safety reasons. Not available for commercial properties including cafes and restaurants.

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